Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovation

Your bathroom and its looks depend entirely upon your own tastes and vision, but sometimes having a helping hand in handling this will be of great use to you. The tips ahead will serve as a good point from which you can start working on your options:

1) You should have everything on hand before you begin your remodelling process. In the case of most big items you may need to wait for a few weeks before they arrive. You will need to be patient, but without everything inside your home already you will have difficulties. Its likely you will get pretty frustrated that you have to wait for all products before you have a chance to work, but it will be better to have it available before you begin tearing down the old fixtures. After all, you don’t want to have your bathroom looking all torn up and unusable before they arrive. Once you have the new products, you will have a much better idea how you must handle the situation and what needs to be installed apart from the new fixtures and furniture.

2) There is also the need to consider what options lay ahead of you. Home centres will often have a rather limited choice of tops and vanities in store, so you may need to make special orders that take quite a bit of time. You can work on locating some independent suppliers from your area which specialise in either natural stone or other possible solutions. In some cases you may find a lot of good, affordable tops for your needs.

3) You should also work on planning some much-needed shower storage for your bathroom. You can place razors, soap, shampoo and other supplies in it, but you can do a lot of good with more than just a simple plastic holder. You can do a lot better with a ceramic tile shelving installed in the corner of the shower itself. You can create an even better solution with a built-in wall shelving. Once you remove the old shower, you should add some framing between your wall studs if their material has such. Such shelving will look better than most other designs, while at the same time making it an affordable choice for your needs.

4) You can also work on removing the old flooring if you feel you need to, but you don’t have to do this by removing the entire thing. You can work on removing the underlayment along the wall covering as well. Cutting it all into smaller sections will make the removal process a lot easier overall. You can do so with a circular saw blade and a bit of work. Just make sure you cut deep enough, but not too deep so you won’t hurt he subfloor beneath the plywood underlayment.